Another Stephen P. McGreevy Travel/Expedition Photo-Gallery (Page Two)
Enjoy a bit more of my photography of my travels to interesting and special places - Travel is "The Spice of Life"

Travel is the spice of life - traveling to do radio DXing is even more incredible, as is being in a "cool" location to enjoy world-wide DXing, such as I did in Hawaii, Russia and now China in Nov. 2013.

November 2013 Radio-receiving DXpedition to China:

Radio-reception DXpedition to China - 03 to 20 November 2013 -

MW and FM radio reception and DXing in St. Petersburg, Russia; Vilnius, Lithuania; Helsinki, Finland; and Stockholm, Sweden, and in the midst (middle) of the Baltic Sea on a Silja-Line (MV Symphony) Ferry going to Sweden from Finland, Sept 2009:

The Best of Hawaii Mediumwave/AM-broadcast-band DX, and many other places: Canada (4 provinces in the west), and the northern California Coast, using Beverage antennas:

Click Photo or thislink to go to Internet Archives site to listen to audio-files (MP3) of my latest Mediumwave/AM Broadcast-band DXpedition (15-21 November 2010) to north-east Oahu, Hawaii!! (

FM and TV DX (long-distance reception) (via sporadic-E skip and meteor-scatter) (2000 to 2009)

Gorgeous Hawaiian sunrise - northeast Oahu, Hawaii (Malaekahana Bay) (again!) - 19 November 2010 during my week-long MW/AM-BCB DXpedition to Hawaii - Stephen McGreevy

Gorgeous Hawaiian sunrise - northeast Oahu, Hawaii (Malaekahana Bay) (again!) - 19 November 2010 during my week-long MW/AM-BCB DXpedition to Hawaii - Stephen McGreevy

Cruising the remote back roads of America's beautiful Great Basin (Basin and Range Province) of central Nevada - I have been exploring Nevada back roads since 1983 - this photo is taken heading westbound on Nevada state route 844 toward Gabbs, NV, in the Paradise Range amongst Pinyon Pines on the 18th of August, 2010 - N6NKS.

The Great Space Center - Eastern Sierra DX spot in DM06.

N6NKS Field-Day site (DM17) - Lee Flat (Inyo Co. CA) - June 2009 - fabulous 6 meter conditions three days there with Kenwood TS-570S.

Cooler than last year at Lee Flat, this eastern Sierra site (DM06) was my June 2010 Field-Day site with Kenwood TS-480SAT. Again, fine 6m conditions prevailed.

Gorgeous Trakai Lake Castle, Lithuania - 10 Sept. 2009 - Peaceful and Tranquil

I love Felines!

On Loma Alta Hill, Marin County, Nov. 1995 with WR-3 Receiver.

Dfing 212 TST with Shel Remington, NI6E/KH6SR - March 1988. We found it later in Oroville, CA (northern Sacramento Valley) Airport and then it went off-air the next day because they had 'forgotton' to switch it off ater a test, affording us a cool DX/DFing target! - Click link/pic to jump to NDB (non-directional-beacon) Gallery - most popular page on this site!

march-2003 - in Mojave Nat. Preserve.

In Glendalough, Ireland (Saint Kevin's Kitchen), May 1992 - a wonderful place to DX the LW and MW broadcast-bands. Also in Donegal in early May 1996, I could hear a few North American MW stations on small loop antenna and Sony portable receiver.

Point Reyes, California - Sunset in lovely silence - August 1992 - SP McGreevy

In the Inverness Ridge, Point Reyes, California in cool summertime coastal fog - July 2009 - SP McGreevy

Point Reyes North Beach, California, July 2008 - McGreevy. A great place to DX excellent trans-Pacific LW and MW DX.

For a great amount of Point Reyes longwave (LW) and mediumwave (MW) DX archives, please check out:
The Best of Hawaii Mediumwave (AM) Broadcast-band DX - 86 to 91 (1991)

Awesome Manitoba VLF Sounds - Aug. 96

Hay farm in central/northern Oregon near Twickenham - S.P. McGreevy, 8/90

Marin County, CA Fog - July 1991 - so lovely and peaceful

St. Petersburg, Russia - a fascinating place to DX LW, MW - Saudi Arabia could be heard in hotel room on 1512 and 1521 kHz in St. Petersburg with just a loopstick antenna facing southward - unfortunately, one can't hear long-haul MW-BCB DX in the overcrowded North American MW dial at all - not like that in Russia!

Point Reye's Primordial Rainforest - I spent a misty, full-moonlight night in July 2008 deep within the forest - DXing all of my desert-HF radio-beacons.

And please, please patronize this lovely berkeley man's site for his gorgeous Earth stickers:

"Your Ocean Refuses No River" - Shiela Chandra

Gail and I on VLF-oriented Canadian trip - 5,000 mi.-plus, Sept. 1993. Gail and I traveled thousands of miles taking in the vast beauty of North America, especially its northern half to record splendid natural VLF radio signals.

Trail canyon - lovely in the Pinyon Pine forest - a trail leads to Boundary Peak, NV.

I enjoyed Latvia so much and took many pics there in Sept. 2009 - this link points to a page devoted to Latvia - a very interesting small nation. SPM - N6NKS.

Local Sierra Nevada Canyon hiking place (Tuttle Canyon Ashram).

Visiting Marin County and San Francisco, late Nov. 2004 (for Thanksgiving Holiday w/parents)

Natural VLF Radio Audio Files Top page at

Field-photo of Stephen P. McGreevy, January 2003 in the south-eastern section of Death Valley National Park, California with another HF radio beacon experiment.

At this 1999-2001 field-tech. job, I had to venture out onto the Owens Mud Lake undig ATV's and other equipment out of mud and quicksand (never too deep though) in the wintertime. I was standing upon hard-pan clay 1m under the quicksand's surface!

On hike along beloved Coast Trail, Pt. Reyes NS, northern Calif., June 2003.

Phenomenal natural radio signals accompany times of aurora and spaceweather storms - photo of Manitoba aurora, 23 August 1996 - S. McGreevy. Late-summer aurora in warm weather during the 2nd solar-minimum VLF expedition to Manitoba, Canada.

wonderful CW QSO's via my old 1944 TCS transmitter 5 to 20 watts output to end-fed full-wave wire.

All Heathkit DX-60 QSO

Incredible natural VLF Radio phenomena audible that day and earlier in Alaska's auroral-zone - this train I was on was heading south into the mountains south of Fairbanks (Alaska Range) toward Denali Peak and ultimately, Anchorage - Autumn 1995. I love trains.

Desert Beauty in Full Moonlight

Rocky checks out the WR-3

Stephen P. McGreevy, September 2009

My other natural VLF radio at U Iowa Plasma Wave Group:

University of Iowa (thanks much to Larry Granroth! - nice gentleman - a computer whiz, a very fine American) hosts a stable, active site of a small collection of older recordings of mine, since 1996 (sometimes seemingly site-unavailable, though):

whistlers are so beautiful! By Elea Mideke

My Best Kitty Companion-Friend, Rocky, The Kwitain - a very talkative, intelligent Tuxedo-cat (2003 to 2016)

At the Tuttle Canyon Ashram - 13 July 2010.

There is NO need for permission to use, in any way, shape, or form, any of my audio files (MP3/WAV) on this site for your production--audio or video/film! Absolutely nothing on this website is copyrighted but rather is all for the public-domain, Global enjoyment and enlightenment!

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Please allow a lot of time for me to respond in case I am out on a very-long-term research expedition (off-grid/no Internet doing outside-research) or traveling or on a wilderness-retreat. Thank you so much!

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