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Some Stephen McGreevy Travel and Expedition Photography

Travel is the "Spice-of-Life"
(especially International)

Steve at Hrisey Cemetery and view north-northwestward into the Greenland Sea from near Hrisey (Hrisey, Iceland) on 14 December 2016. Pic by KK

Sunrise in the Swedish Archipelago, 19 September 2009 - S.P. McGreevy. Read the companion story "DXing Upon the Baltic Sea."

'Bicycle-Heaven' in Copenhagen, Denmark on a drizzly but mild and wonderful Sunday morning on 06 September 2009

Inyo County, California photography near my desert ELF-VLF lab/observatory:

More Photos: Other McGreevy Travel to Beautiful-Places:
Hawaii and the Mainland USA and also Abroad

Sunrise in the Swedish Archipelago, 19 September 2009 - S.P. McGreevy. Read the companion story "DXing Upon the Baltic Sea."

Bicycle-Heaven in Copenhagen, Denmark
- a city-centre made for bicyclists, pic taken on Sunday, 06 Sept. 2009

Russia was also very fascinating - St. Petersburg, Russia, 15 Sept. 2009 - S.P. McGreevy, N6NKS.

VLF, LW, MW, SW DXpedition to southern Death Valley at sunset, 01 December 2009.

Aerial view of London from my airplane before arriving into Heathrow, 05 September 2009.

Dusk arrives in beautiful Riga, Latvia, 11 September 2009.

Colorful rowboats on Trakai Lake, Lithuania, 10 September 2009.

Steve McGreevy in southern Death Valley 01 December 2009.

Estonian Summer - Kite Flying on Parnu Beach - 13 September 2009 - McGreevy.

Loma Alta Hill, Marin County, California, Valentines Day, 2010 - McGreevy. This is where the beginnings of my VLF-Research begun in 1990.

Point Reyes North Beach, California, July 2008 - McGreevy. A great place to DX excellent trans-Pacific LW and MW DX.

CLick photo for more pics from China November 2013.

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Fascinating Websites, and I've been honored to meet folks from all of these organizations:

Listen to VLF in Tromso, Norway on this tour with WR-3 Receivers

SPMcGreevy Travel and Expedition Photography Continued - Page Two

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Patrick Sykes in London made a recent, great audio-composition about VLF radio.

Special Thanks to Semiconductor Films for their major contribution to this website.

An amazing site of Thomas Ashcroft and his Radio and Video-Observing!

Kevin Gordon Films - 'Tuned In' (award-winning short-film-doc)

Special Thanks to Maida Withers for using my auroral-sounds in her beautiful presentation! (click picture)

Aurora Borealis - 250 Miles Above the Earth from Randy Smith on Vimeo.

'Listening to the Northern Lights' (YouTube Video - audio track from June 1998 Alberta)

Listen to gorgeous (LEO) chorus recordings from EMFISIS (YouTube video link)

SPMcGreevy Travel and Expedition Photography Continued - Page Two

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