Dave Curry's (PLI) Active Antenna Receiving System

sent by PLI, Dave Curry, WD4PLI - Burbank, California


Phased-active antenna mounting-post ground

2-element active antenna. Dave uses this system to phase-null noise. Greater than 30 dB noise nulls can be achieved, aiding in his LowFER reception in the 1750 meter-band. The more noise producing horizontal whip is phased against the "signaL" vertical whip, with the result in lower noise. Signals themselves may be phase-nulled, for instance, local NDB's can be phased-nulled to reveal DX.

Dave's R-390 Receiver

Another shot of Dave's operating position and fabulous ICOM receiver.

Dave's low-noise loop antenna system.

Dave's wonderful old Hallicrafters SX-28

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