Auroral Curtains of 23 August

Below are six MP3 audio files containing a compilation of field-recordings made during the period between Friday 23 August to Friday 30 August 1996. The chorus and other natural VLF radio space-weather sounds were spectacular during that week. I was astounded at the sheer variety of natural radio phenomena occurring everyday despite it being solar-minimum. August has twice proven (1996, 2000 recording expeditions) to be a great month to record VLF in the auroral-zone, whether during solar maximum or solar-minimum! The aurora was wonderful each and every night, also. Detailed descriptions are in the log page.

Each audio file (64 kbps MP3 format) contains from four to ten brief 20 to 40 second segments compiled from the original field recordings - each segment is separated by a 100 millisecond gap. Times are UTC (UT) which is 6 hours later than Manitoba's local time in the summer months (mountain standard time - MDT). The variety of auroral-zone chorus and hissband phenomena is amazing!

Manitoba VLF Expedition: The Six MP3 files:

  1. 23 August 1996 - 1358 to 1525 UT in ten segments mb1_1_10.mp3, 2.48 MB, duration 5:26
  2. 23 August 1996 - 1531 to 1925 UT in ten segmentsm1_11_20.mp3, 2.56 MB, duration 5:36
  3. Segment one is on 23 Aug. 96 at 2100 UT. Segment two through four is 24 August 96 - 1914 to 2100 UT m1_21_24.mp3, 1.38 MB, duration 3:01
  4. Segments one through four on 24 August 96 from 1601 to 1815 UT. Segment five through seven on 25 Aug. 96 from 1658 to 1932 UT. Segment seven (25 Aug. 96 - 1932 UT) contains spectacular pairs of slow-risers! Segments eight and nine 26 Aug. 96 at 1353, 1610 UT. Segment ten recorded 27 Aug. 96 at 1731 UT m2_1_10.mp3, 2.05 MB, duration 4:28
  5. Segments one through three 28 Aug. 96 from 1334 to 1609 UT. Segment four on 28 Aug. 96 at 1637 UT. Segment five through seven on 29 Aug. 96 at 1703 to 2053 UT. eight through ten on 30 Aug. 96 from 1220 to 1358 UT m2_11_20.mp3, 1.95 MB, duration 4:16
  6. Segments one through four recorded on 30 Aug. 96 from 1432 to 1652 UT UT m2_21_24.mp3, 1.76 MB, duration 3:51

I remained at the Grass River Provincial Park recording site until 05 September 1996. Recordings from August 31st through until September 5th still need to be adde to this page in the future.

Map of central Manitoba recording location
Location of the August 1996 Manitoba field-recording site - about 100 miles east of the Saskatchewan (summer 2001) recording site

Detailed Manitoba August '96 log of daily space-weather and VLF field-recordings log

Auroral Arch Photo

This is a typical "quiescent auroral arc/arch" which was often visible to the north before it became more active. Photo by S. P. McGreevy 25 August 1996

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