Keeler, California Ghosts:
March 2018 Moonlight Photos

Under the dark-starry-beauty of the night: when they're all indoors and in motels and campgrounds and their pricey AirBnB revenue-shacks; and the drones, airplanes and helicopters land; and the radio DX abounds; and the pesky-invasive tourist-lookiloos and constant media-snoops aren't takin' a look at the Ghosts in their Zombified-Zoo town with ridiculous AirBnB rates compared to quiet Hawaiian Paradise.

It' s like Afghanistan but in the Fourth world, not just the Third...

(You might wish to reduce your web-browser's ZOOM function to 75% to 25% to better view the moonlight photos on this page just below (03 to 06 March 2018 full-moon phase to gibbous waning...)

Mallard Flocks at Dirty Socks Hot Springs/southern Owens Lakebed-05 March 2018. (Hey OMG - unbelievable: some birds still hangout here despite all of the LADWP-induced and indicted Enviro-Destruction...)

By the Daytime... What the daytime invasive snooping touristas only see whilst cruising in their conspicuous-consumption gigantor L.A. smog-vehiculars at less-than-walking-speed ever so intensely-staring-and-glaring at all of the chattel-shit in the junk-capital of the Grim-Reaper-Fourth World within Inyo-Mama County, Kooky-Kalifornia :: ' 'We wanna take your fookeeng toorist and ususary Hoollywoodth feelthhh-moolah and den get outta dees fockeeng DodgeCeeeteee and leeve ussss SpiritusCursedes aloneee agayn so ahhs too wandeer aaroond agaayeennn in dee loovelee mooonliiighht!...BoooHaaaaHaaaa!' ' Unique-visitor counts since: 02 March 2018

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