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Enjoy a bit more of my photography of my travels to interesting and special places - Travel is "The Spice of Life"

Please allow some varying time (up to many weeks) for me to respond to your e-mail just in-case I am out on a short-term or long-term science-research-expedition (off-grid/no Internet doing outside-research frequently), or traveling abroad, or on a wilderness-retreat. Thank you so much! Stephen P. McGreevy - August 2016
Travel is the spice of life - traveling to do radio DXing is even more incredible, as is being in a "cool" location to enjoy world-wide DXing, such as I did in Hawaii, Russia and now China in Nov. 2013.


November 2013 Radio-receiving DXpedition to China:

Radio-reception DXpediton to China - 03 to 20 November 2013 -

MW and FM radio reception and DXing in St. Petersburg, Russia; Vilnius, Lithuania; Helsinki, Finland; and Stockholm, Sweden, and in the midst (middle) of the Baltic Sea on a Silja-Line (MV Symphony) Ferry going to Sweden from Finland, Sept 2009:

The Best of Hawaii Mediumwave/AM-broadcast-band DX, and many other places: Canada (4 provinces in the west), and the northern California Coast, using Beverage antennas:

Click Photo or thislink to go to Internet Archives site to listen to audio-files (MP3) of my latest Mediumwave/AM Broadcast-band DXpedition (15-21 November 2010) to north-east Oahu, Hawaii!! (

FM and TV DX (long-distance reception) (via sporadic-E skip and meteor-scatter) (2000 to 2009)

Gorgeous Hawaiian sunrise - northeast Oahu, Hawaii (Malaekahana Bay) (again!) - 19 November 2010 during my week-long MW/AM-BCB DXpedition to Hawaii - Stephen McGreevy

Gorgeous Hawaiian sunrise - northeast Oahu, Hawaii (Malaekahana Bay) (again!) - 19 November 2010 during my week-long MW/AM-BCB DXpedition to Hawaii - Stephen McGreevy

Cruising the remote back roads of America's beautiful Great Basin (Basin and Range Province) of central Nevada - I have been exploring Nevada back roads since 1983 - this photo is taken heading westbound on Nevada state route 844 toward Gabbs, NV, in the Paradise Range amongst Pinyon Pines on the 18th of August, 2010 - N6NKS.

The Great Space Center - Eastern Sierra DX spot in DM06.

I got stuck for 6 hours in sand - wedged on berm that my car rested upon its skid-plates. I dug for 5 hours, and by mid-afternoon on 12 June 2010, a kind Ranger from DVNP to the west, (7 miles / 12 km) outside his jurisdiction - towed me out of the sand within 30 seconds! Thanks to the fine hams on 7.248 MHz I spoke to (CARS and WestCARS nets - 1100 to 1300 PT), giving them my GPS coords., and that kind Ranger, I went on my way. I was in DM17 for VHF-UHF QSO-Party. 6m opened up nicely 11-12 June, 2010. N6NKS

N6NKS Field-Day site (DM17) - Lee Flat (Inyo Co. CA) - June 2009 - fabulous 6 meter conditions three days there with Kenwood TS-570S.

Cooler than last year at Lee Flat, this eastern Sierra site (DM06) was my June 2010 Field-Day site with Kenwood TS-480SAT. Again, fine 6m conditions prevailed.

Gorgeous Trakai Lake Castle, Lithuania - 10 Sept. 2009 - Peaceful and Tranquil

On Loma Alta Hill, Marin County, Nov. 1995 with WR-3 Receiver.

Dfing 212 TST with Shel Remington, NI6E/KH6SR - March 1988. We found it later in Oroville, CA (northern Sacramento Valley) Airport! - Click link/pic to jump to NDB (non-directional-beacon) Gallery - most popular page on this site!

march-2003 - in Mojave Nat. Preserve.

In Glendalough, Ireland (Saint Kevin's Kitchen), May 1992 - a wonderful place to DX the LW and MW broadcast-bands. Also in Donegal in early May 1996, I could hear a few North American MW stations on small loop antenna and Sony portable receiver.

Point Reyes, California - Sunset in lovely silence - August 1992 - SP McGreevy

In the Inverness Ridge, Point Reyes, California in cool summertime coastal fog - July 2009 - SP McGreevy

Point Reyes North Beach, California, July 2008 - McGreevy. A great place to DX excellent trans-Pacific LW and MW DX.

For a great amount of Point Reyes longwave (LW) and mediumwave (MW) DX archives, please check out:
The Best of Hawaii Mediumwave (AM) Broadcast-band DX - 86 to 91 (1991)

Awesome Manitoba VLF Sounds - Aug. 96

Hay farm in central/northern Oregon near Twickenham - S.P. McGreevy, 8/90

Marin County, CA Fog - July 1991 - so lovely and peaceful

St. Petersburg, Russia - a fascinating place to DX LW, MW - Saudi Arabia could be heard in hotel room on 1512 and 1521 kHz in St. Petersburg with just a loopstick antenna facing southward - unfortunately, one can't hear long-haul MW-BCB DX in the overcrowded North American MW dial at all - not like that in Russia!

Point Reye's Primordial Rainforest - I spent a misty, full-moonlight night in July 2008 deep within the forest - DXing all of my desert-HF radio-beacons.

And please, please patronize this lovely berkeley man's site for his gorgeous Earth stickers:

"Your Ocean Refuses No River" - Shiela Chandra

Crop Circles Message For Human Race Decoded by ufoblogger

I found that video very amazing, though the glyphs are made by creative humans in England and are not from space!

Gail and I on VLF-oriented Canadian trip - 5,000 mi.-plus, Sept. 1993. Gail and I traveled thousands of miles taking in the vast beauty of North America, especially its northern half to record splendid natural VLF radio signals.

Trail canyon - lovely in the Pinyon Pine forest - a trail leads to Boundary Peak, NV.

I enjoyed Latvia so much and took many pics there in Sept. 2009 - this link points to a page devoted to Latvia - a very interesting small nation. SPM - N6NKS.

Local Sierra Nevada Canyon hiking place (Tuttle Canyon Ashram).

Visiting Marin County and San Francisco, late Nov. 2004 (for Thanksgiving Holiday w/parents)

Natural VLF Radio Audio Files Top page at

Field-photo of Stephen P. McGreevy, January 2003 in the south-eastern section of Death Valley National Park, California with another HF radio beacon experiment.

At this 1999-2001 tech. job, they made me have to undig ATV's and other stuff out of the Owens Lakebed mud in the wintertime. I was standing upon hard-pan clay under the quicksand.

On hike along beloved Coast Trail, Pt. Reyes NS, northern Calif., June 2003.

Phenomenal natural radio signals accompany times of aurora and spaceweather storms - photo of Manitoba aurora, 23 August 1996 - S. McGreevy. Late-summer aurora in warm weather during the 2nd solar-minimum VLF expedition to Manitoba, Canada.

wonderful CW QSO's via my old 1944 TCS transmitter 5 to 20 watts output to end-fed full-wave wire.

All Heathkit DX-60 QSO

Incredible natural VLF Radio phenomena audible that day and earlier in Alaska's auroral-zone - this train I was on was heading south into the mountains south of Fairbanks (Alaska Range) toward Denali Peak and ultimately, Anchorage - Autumn 1995. I love trains.

Desert Beauty in Full Moonlight

Rocky checks out the WR-3

Stephen P. McGreevy, September 2009

My other natural VLF radio at U Iowa Plasma Wave Group:

University of Iowa (thanks much to Larry Granroth! - nice gentleman - a computer whiz, a very fine American) hosts a stable, active site of a small collection of older recordings of mine, since 1996:

whistlers are so beautiful!

My Best Kitty Companion-Friend, Rocky, The Kwitain - a very talkative, intelligent Tuxedo-cat

At the Tuttle Canyon Ashram - 13 July 2010.

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Please allow a lot of time for me to respond in case I am out on a very-long-term research expedition (off-grid/no Internet doing outside-research) or traveling or on a wilderness-retreat. Thank you so much!

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