British Antarctic Survey - Port Lockroy WR4d-BAS VLF Receiver

Whistlers heard again at Port Lockroy!

In early 2002, I was asked by the British Antarctic Survey to build a VLF receiver for their Port Lockroy research Station in Antarctica - site of historic natural VLF radio phenomena studies in the 1960's.

Note: This location is now administered by the UK Antarctic Heritage Trust (UKAHT) - click link to go to their website.

Below are images of the WR-4d-BAS receiver and my actual (sloppy) notes/schematic of the receiver, which, when installed at Port Lockroy, worked(s) fabulously, receiving a lot of fascinating natural VLF radio phenomena for staff and visitors alike!

Essentially, this receiver is a very similar version to my WR-4b/d unit first constructed in September 1992. You will find a good amount of audio files recorded via the WR-4b/d unit.

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by Stephen P. McGreevy, N6NKS

24 April 2007 - Updated January 2013