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The Beautiful Northern Lights

Because the greatest variety and most loud natural ELF/VLF radio phenomena are best heard in the auroral-zone of Earth (the locations on the planet where the Northern Lights can be seen overhead on a high percentage of clear nights), I've made a few road-trips into sub-arctic regions of Canada and Alaska.

The following images are just a sample of the glorious Northern Lights displays I witnessed and photographed on four trips northward...and also in the California desert where I reside!

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On a trip to central Saskatchewan, June 2001:

Near Cisco, Utah (eastern-central Utah) 18 June 2001 at about 0900 UT:

Near Sanders, Montana (central Montana) 20 June 2001 at about 1000 UT:

(Once I made it up north into Saskatchewan, the nights were too bright with twilight to see any aurora)

Eastern California Desert - Solar Maximum Delight!

31 March 2001 - Inyo County, California:

Keeler, CA:

Santa Rosa Flat next to Death Valley National Park:

Santa Rosa Flat 06 November 2001:

Northern Alberta, August 07 - 13, 2000:

09 August 2000:

12 - 13 August 2000:

Central Manitoba, August 23 - 29, 1996:

Central Alaska, September 7, 1995:

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black and white photo auroral swirl in Manitoba
Auroral Photography by Stephen P. McGreevy - 1995 to 2001

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