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McGreevy Family History:

"Dad's Family History"

Written by Daniel (Bill) W. McGreevy

(typewritten by Stephen P. McGreevy - September 2017)

Our great-grandfather, Bernard Michael McGreevy, lived in a town south of Belfast - named "Banbridge" in County Down, Ireland (presently in Northern Ireland - UK). (Refer to the maps above).

He was also married to Catherine Marie Rooney.

They had 8 children - 5 sons: John, Bernard, James, Hugh, and Michael. 3 daughters: Delia, Bridget, and Mary. All were born between 1859 and 1874. It is believed that at least 7 of them migrated to the United States, with the first to arrive, Delia, in 1880.

Delia spent sometime in Boston and then traveled west via Denver to Anaconda, Montana. She married a man by the name of Small and had 3 children - John, James, and Catherine. Nothing is known about her husband but the 1910 Census tract shows her living in Anaconda at 610 E. 5th Street (Deerlodge County) Montana. Delia is known to us as "Auntie Small."

Dad's Father, James, followed Delia to Anaconda to work in the copper mines. He married Margaret Prunty while there and they had 2 children, our Dad Daniel (1895), and sister Marguerite (1897). The mother died in 1898 and the children went to live and be raised by their Aunt Delia at her home in Anaconda, Montana. The 1910 Census shows our dad James, Marguerite, and our grandfather, James, living with Delia. Our grandmother, Margaret Prunty, is believed to have come from Westport, County Mayo, Ireland (Republic of Ireland). (Westport, County Mayo is in the north-west of the Republic of Ireland on the Atlantic coast - SpM).

Dad enlisted in the Army in 1917 and was sent to near San Diego, California (Camp Kearny) and was discharged there on March 1, 1919.

Marguerite went to the University of Montana at Missoula. After graduation she accepted a teaching position in central Montana, Stanford. She there met her husband, Ralph Flitcroft, and had an only child. (Some of this information is repeated below - SpM).


Our great-grandfather, Bernard Michael McGreevy, lived in a town 20 miles south west of Belfast named Bainbridge, in County Down, Ireland. We know he was married and had at least 3 sons and a daughter who left Ireland and immigrated to America, probably through the Port of Boston.

The daughter, Delia, we know her as Auntie Small, was born in 1859 and arrived in Boston in 1880. She later moved west, married, and had her first son John in Denver in 1887. She later had a second son, James, in Montana in 1890. Delia's daughter's (Catherine) date of birth is unknown. The 1910 Census tract shows her living at 610 E. 5th Street, Anaconda, MT (see map below) with her 2 sons, John and James, a nephew, James, born in 1886. Her brother James, born in Ireland in 1861 (our grandfather) and his daughter Marguerite and son Daniel (our Dad). It also shows a brother, James McGreevy, then 24 years old and a nephew. He also was born in Ireland.

The 610 E. 5th Street, Anaconda, MT location of Delia's residence is shown on this map.

"p.2" - Bernard, Hugh, Mary, Agnes, Alice, and Theresa:

Our grandfather, James, born in 1861, arrived in America in 1881. He married Margaret Prunty (Westport, County Mayo, Ireland) in 1894 and had 2 children - Daniel and Marguerite. Margaret died in 1897.

Maps of Ireland Detailing McGreevy Ancestor Locations

County records in Montana (Deer Lodge County, MT) show a James McGreevy's death in 1912. Unknown whether this is our grandfather but we believe it is.

My grandmother and grandfather met in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania - they are Anna Ruttkamp (1857-1936) and Wilhelm Ploenes (born 12 Feb. 1860-1944). Anna and Wilhelm had four children: sisters Helen (1894-1987) and Louise, and brothers Albert ('Uncle Al') and William ('Uncle Will'). Albert ('Uncle Al') left Pittsburgh to work in Akron, Ohio. There he met and married Myra Baugh (1891-1990). Uncle Al and Myra had three children - two sons and a daughter: William D. Ploenes (born 03 December 1925) and Albert Lee ('Patch') Ploenes (born 04 February 1936), and Elizabeth A. Ploenes (1920-1983). Mom's (Helen) second brother was Uncle Will (1886-1922).

Uncle Will (Ploenes), his wife, Maude Dean (1889-1920) and their two daughters: Ann Marvin (1909-1998) (married to Leo Verdugo), and Phyllis (1913) (married to McKenzie). This family lived in the Los Angeles area (Alhambra, CA). (Uncle Will Ploenes, due to being diagnosed with TB, decided that the California climate was conducive to the easing of his TB symptoms, thus he and his family settled in the Los Angeles area in Alhambra).

Our Dad enlisted in the Army in 1917 at Butte and was stationed at Camp Kearny, San Diego, California, until his discharge on March 1, 1919. He returned to Montana but spent a short period at school in Creighton, Nebraska. He moved to Los Angeles along with Auntie Small (Delia) and her family, in 1922. He married Helen S. Ploenes on September 22, 1923 in Alhambra. They had 5 children - Patricia A. (1924); Joan L. (1930); Daniel W. (1932); James A. (1934); and Richard (1937).

The family lived in Long Beach, California (in the 3635 Lemon Avenue house). Dad died in 1966 and Mom in 1987 - both (Daniel James McGreevy and Helen McGreevy) are buried at Golden Gate Cemetery, San Bruno, California.

Marguerite went to University of Montana, Missoula. She accepted a teaching position at Stanford (in the Judith Basin), Montana where she met her husband Ralph Flitcroft. They had one son, Donald, who died at age 16. (SpM adds: Ralph operated the "Judith Basin Trading Company" in Stanford, Montana). All are buried in Great Falls, Montana.

Granddad's brother - Michael Bernard, was married with 3 children, Theresa, Dorothy, and Desmond. His wife Isabel McKenna died in 1914 and the father in 1916. The children were sent to school in Missoula, Montana. They later moved to Los Angeles (1920s) and lived for a short period with Auntie Small (Delia) in Highland Park. Desmond married Margaret Martz from Missoula, MT. She currently lives in Glendale as a widow, 87 years old.

This is as far as I've gotten - maybe Mary Small can fill us in on others.

Please ask Walter what he knows on Mom's side of the family.

If each of our family can continue with records of our children, we'll then be up-to-date.

Love, Bill (Summer 2017)

Later, I found another daughter beside Delia: Bridget, also living in Anaconda. She married Patrick Golden. Bridget was born in 1878 and the 1900 Census shows a daughter named Mary Ann.

Our grandfather's brother, John, married Bridget - they had 2 sons: Bernard Jr. and Hugh, plus 4 daughters: Mary, Agnes, Alice, and Theresa.

The 1920s Census shows 2 nieces and a nephew living with John (uncle). These were Theresa, Dorothy, and Desmond.

These must be the children of Bernard (Michael Bernard) James and John McGreevy's brothers. They lived for a short time with Auntie Small (Delia) and then went to school in Missoula (Sacred Heart Academy and St. Joseph). The 1920 Census shows them 15, 11, and 10 at that time.

Desmond married Margaret - he's now deceased but she lives in Glendale (87 years old). They often visited the Smalls in Highland Park.

The 1900 Census shows a Michael McGreevy age 25 - born in 1874 coming from Ireland in 1898 - well may be another brother or nephew who immigrated later.


We have yet to discover the name of Auntie Small's (Delia's) husband. The Smalls moved to Highland Park, a suburban part of Los Angeles in the early 1920s. They all lived together. This included Delia (Auntie Small), her two sons, John and Jim, and daughter Catherine.

John married - his wife's name is Rose and they had two children John and Mary. John divorced and joined the family in residence. He had two children who did not live with him. I believe most are buried in the Catholic Cemetery in East Los Angeles/Calvary.

"Record - (Bernard) Michael McGreevy - Bainbridge - Co. Down, Ireland"

Three sons and one daughter of Bernard Michael McGreevy came to America between 1880 to 1886:

John - DOB-1868
James - DOB-1861 *
Michael Bernard - DOB Unknown

(*) James was our Grandfather

Delia - DOB-1859 (AKA - "Aunty Small")

The three brothers and one sister arrived in Anaconda, Montana in the late 1880s, probably coming from Boston.

Delia came first in 1880, and brothers James in 1881, John in 1886, and Michael Bernard ( date of arrival unknown). Delia left Boston and came to Denver, Colorado where her first son, John Small, was born. James Small, Delia's second son, was born at Anaconda in 1890.

James McGreevy (our Grandfather) married Margaret Prunty (our Grandmother) in 1894 in Anaconda, MT. Margaret is believed to have come from Westport, County Mayo, Ireland. They had two children: Daniel James, Born in 1895, and Marguerite, in 1896. (They were born in Butte, MT). Margaret (the Mother) is believed to have died in 1897.

Daniel James and Marguerite went to live with their Aunt Delia ('Aunty Small') after their mother's death in 1897. They lived at 610 E. 5th St., Anaconda, MT. Their father, James, also lived there until at least 1910. He's believed to have died in 1918 in Butte, MT.

Daniel James enlisted in the Army in 1917 at Butte, and was sent to Camp Kearny (San Diego County, CA). He was discharged there on March 1, 1919 and returned to Montana, and later at Creighton, Nebraska. He's believed to have returned to Anaconda and then later to Los Angeles in 1922.


Daniel James married Helen Sophia Ploenes in Alhambra California in 1923 (Sept 22).

They had five children:

Patricia Ann - DOB 13 July 1934
Joan Louise - DOB 29 July 1930
Daniel William - DOB 23 May 1932
James Albert - DOB 04 December 1934
Richard - DOB 25 April 1937

The family lived in Long Beach, California at 3635 Lemon Avenue. The father died in December 1966 and the mother in August 1987. Both are buried in Golden Gate National Cemetery, San Bruno, California.

Delia Small lived from the early 1920s in a section of Los Angeles called Highland Park. She lived there with her sons John and James and daughter Catherine. John was married to Rose and had two children, John and Mary. James was married but separated from his wife. He had two children. Catherine remained single. Delia (Auntie Small) died in early 1940s and is buried at Holy Cross Cemetery (Los Angeles County).

Marguerite McGreevy completed her education degree at the University of Montana (Missoula) and taught school at Stanford, Montana in the Judith Basin. She married Ralph Flitcroft and had one son, Donald. All are deceased and buried in Great Falls, MT.

Donald who later died as a teenager. Marguerite died in 1984 followed a year later with Ralph's death. The three are buried in Hillcrest Lawn Mausoleum, Great Falls, Montana. Ralph was a partner in the local store in Stanford - the Judith Basin Trading Company.

Our Dad returned to mother after the Army tour and later went to school at Creighton in Nebraska. He returned to California in the early 20s and was joined by his aunt Delia (Auntie Small) and cousins. They lived in the Highland Park area of Los Angeles.

He met mom at a dance and they married on September 22, 1923 in Alhambra. They initially lived in Alhambra then went to Long beach in the late 20s and finally bought a home at 3635 Lemon Avenue, Long Beach, in the California Heights division.


The above was handwritten by Daniel W. (Bill) McGreevy in 2017 as he gathered notes for this McGreevy Family Album. The original handwritten notes are contained herein, right below, and these pages (beginning with the numbers "03" to "08") -- as well as more handwritten notes, are shown again on Page One of the main part of this album. The links to the the three pages are just below. I have re-typed my father's writings verbatim (adding some clarifications here and there) so as to make this very fascinating information clear and easily readable, as well as supplementing my father's writings with appropriate maps and images. I am proud to be a part of this great Family effort!

Stephen P. McGreevy, Keeler, California, 19 September 2017

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McGreevy Family History Writings by Daniel W. McGreevy

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