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The McGreevy Family History Album Project 2017 - Page Three

The McGreevy Family History Writings - By Daniel (Bill) W. McGreevy | The McGreevy Family History - PAGE ONE | The McGreevy Family History - PAGE TWO

'Grama' Helen McGreevy talking to Beryle McGreevy and family in December 1977 near Christmas. This recorded segment (adjusted for exact speed/pitch of the original cassette-tape recording, was taped at Richard and Joan Shannon's home in Irvine, California by Steve McGreevy (age 14 back then). Gram is talking about our family-tree, the Ruttkamp's, and so forth. The recording length is 7 minutes and 30 seconds (7:30). Click Gram's photo or this link/text to play the MP3 audio-file.

The reason I always brought a tape-recorder everywhere I traveled was that I considered myself an audio-documentarian at a young age, and I thought someday the entire extended McGreevy Family would be able to hear Grama sometime in the future when it would be appreciated. As such, enjoy this piece of family audio history!

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The Shannon Family Record and Family Photos:

The Richard and Joan Shannon Family

Vinnie and Wallace Shannon Parents of Richard Shannon)

Shannon Family Gathering and Wedding Photos: Summer 1984, 1985, and 2000, by Steve McGreevy:

Kelley and Gary's wedding Summer 1984

The McGreevy Family gathering at Dennis and Diana's wedding Summer 1985

Joan Shannon and Pat Slater with Mom - Summer 1985 - Irvine

Richard McGreevy with Richard and Joan Shannon along with Steve McGreevy - September 2000 (At David and Liz Weber's Wedding Reunion)

Kevin and Rebekah Shannon

Maureen and Joe Footdale

Gary Kelley and Emma Poisson

Dennis and Dianna Shannon

Sara Kate Shannon

Tyler Shannon

Kerry and Rickey Royal

Danny and Angie Shannon

Casey and Kevin Williams

Courtney and Kyle Herman

Shaun Skyler and Samantha Biss

Crystal Biss with Cassidie, Skyler, and Samantha (and Hooch)

The Shannon-Family Photo Collection (MS Word file - 1.1 MB)

James Albert McGreevy (Father Thomas More):

The Daniel W. And Beryle McGreevy Family Record and Family Photos:

Steve at Sonoma State University Geography Map Library and weather-fax unit - April 1987

Kim's 24th Birthday, August 4, 1985

Kim and Steve McGreevy - December 1985 - Marin

Jeff and Kim Mertel's Wedding Day Photos - June 14th, 1986

The McGreevys and The Mertels in the Napa Valley at Mike McGreevy's wedding reunion - August 2000

Jeff Mertel with Joey in Novato, April 1989

The Mertel Family about Summer 2015

The McGreevy Family History Writings - by Daniel W. McGreevy (edited by Stephen McGreevy)

The McGreevy Family History Album Project - Page One

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